Our Story

Meet Brent Gauthier and his wife Nicole. Over a decade and a half ago, Brent embarked on a journey to learning and perfecting the brewing process.  Along the way, as most of us do, he learned various methods and techniques that worked really well, but more importantly, he learned what not to do. After a while, he started turning out consistently good beer that met the approval of his friends and family. Not to mention how much they enjoyed that he did it so frequently – maybe too frequently for some! (You know who you are)

Beer wasn’t the only thing brewing in the Gauthier household, so was an idea to open up Black Gold Brewery. He already had Nicole to handle the numbers with her accounting background but more help was needed to move forward. 

As brewery plans started formulating and his process improved, Brent went about building a better brewing setup and ventured to the local machine shop for some stainless steel work.  Like your typical small town, the owner took a keen interest in what he may be doing and offered to introduce him to a couple that may be able to offer other assistance. 

Meet Carolyn Laton and her husband Dan. Carolyn and Dan operate a Petrolia hidden gem – an advanced process control and electronics manufacturing company. When it comes to automation and control, Brent couldn’t have found a better match.

Seeing that Brent might have been on to something and as a result of enjoying some of what Brent had been perfecting for years, Carolyn looked to a good friend who had experience in organizing and managing people, processes and events. 

Meet Robyn Brocklehurst and her husband Bernie. Robyn and Bernie were impressed with Brent’s dedication for brewing and the brewery plans, so Robyn jumped at the chance to help. They bring with them the experience of having been involved with some of the biggest events and undertakings to happen in Lambton County. (Bayfest – need we say more?)

Even with these experiences, Robyn knew of someone else from Petrolia who had a passion for craft beer and was an expert in marketing and promotions. 

Meet Tara Meharg and her husband Chris. Both Tara and Chris were born and raised in the Petrolia area so when the concept of the Brewery presented itself along with the excellent team assembled to date, joining in was a no brainer. Tara was thrilled to be able to be a part of a team bringing such a new and exciting addition to the community. 


There you have it, that’s our story!